Listed below are some of the consulting services I offer.  Choose from the options below or contact me to discuss what option is right for you to help you achieve the best sounding results for your ensemble.

With the digital mixer set up service and help, you will receive a Studio Manager File with instructions on how to download it into your Yamaha TF or Yamaha 01v96 mixer.  This file will set your mixer up with the following settings customized for your ensemble.


  • EQ, Compression, and Gate settings by instrument and microphone types

  • Instrument Grouping, Pan, and Pairing

  • FX added to wind soloist channels such as Reverb Hall and Chorus

  • A customized User Defined Remote Layer-this enables you to manage your ensemble from one set of 16 faders, regardless of the ensemble and sound system size

This service can be very valuable to maximize your effective use of the Yamaha TF and Yamaha 01v96 digital mixing console and customize your mixing set up from year to year.  This service can save you time and help you achieve great sounding results in a short matter of time.

Receive a detailed list of products and a design for your front ensemble that will enable you to purchase new equipment, expand or overhaul your current system, and have a detailed blueprint of how to set up the cables and equipment in the most efficient way possible.

Tom did an On Site Consultation this season to check out our electronics and amplification and make sure we were getting the best sounds possible out of our front ensemble and wind soloists. He did a great job in a short amount of time and raised our sense of fidelity to a new level.  We look forward to having him consult with us in the future.  His work made a difference in how we sounded this season.


Andrew Sealy - Head Band Director-Hebron High School (TX)


Example of a Front Ensemble Set up Diagram


Tom brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our program as we were jumping into the electronics game.  His organization and detailing with cables alone is worth the first visit.  His ability to setup and customize the board to the exact wind/percussion phrasing is brilliant. We knew we were going to get much better sounds from the front ensemble, but we had no idea how it would revolutionize the sound of the entire marching band.  We are just beginning to scratch the surface of possibility and we are looking forward to the new ideas he brings to our program in the future.


Brent Biskup - Head Band Director-Flower Mound High School (TX)


With an on site installation and consultation, you will receive a service that is customized to your ensemble’s needs and materials.  Services can include the following as time allows:


  • Setting up, overhauling, or optimizing your sound system

  • Installing a cabling system for your front ensemble instrument's amplification

  • Positioning microphones for the keyboards, additional percussion instruments, and wind players

  • Training on the Yamaha TF, 01v96, or Analog mixer

  • Training on synthesizers and other electronic percussion instruments


Overall system design and product recommendations service, and Digital mixer set up and help service are included for clients that book a full day On Site Installation and Consultation service.

Tom did an overhaul of our electronics and front ensemble amplification system and I really couldn't have asked for more!  He has a wealth of technical knowledge and he is also a fantastic musician, a great combination when it comes to someone who is dealing with the sound of your group. I look forward to having him back every year to "dial in" our sound.


Jeff Queen-Percussion Specialist-Camel High School (IN)